Dr. Zimmerman

Dr. Sara Zimmerman is a well respected chiropractor and functional medicine practitioner who is originally from Indiana. She did not grow up being a healthy person and has had to overcome a lot of challenges to get where she is now. Her life has been filled with ups and downs, and all she really wanted was to feel normal again. She knows what it is like to go through something difficult and is able to relate to her patients when they are going through something difficult. She is also able to educate and teach her patients certain tools that she has learned throughout her journey that helped her overcome her battles.

Her dream is to create a clinic where patients feel safe and excited to see her for their appointments. Her happiness comes from helping other people get their life back and from seeing her patients have hope again.  She treats with a realistic mindset and does not want patients to feel like they can no longer enjoy the things they love because of their health. She believes in patient education and will always take extra time to make sure her patients are aware of exactly what is going on with their health.  She is well-trained in a variety of techniques and continually requests patient feedback so she knows if she needs to make any changes. She received her bachelors of science at the University of Indianapolis. She then went off to achieve her doctorate in Chiropractic from Logan University.


Personalized for you

Every human being presents unique challenges and goals. Futra Health and Spine does not offer one-size-fits-all treatment plans. Dr. Zimmerman is genuinely realistic when she puts your individualized treatment plan together. She is a firm believer that life is about living, and not restricting. While taking your thorough history, she will find out what kind of current lifestyle you are living, what your goals are, the issues you are currently struggling with, details about what you value in life, and many other important points about all aspects of your life. From there she will form an ideal plan to help guide you toward your version of optimal health that you deserve.