About the Clinic

Our Mission

Futra Health And Spine is a holistic health care center that is focused on finding the root cause of your health concerns and getting you feeling back to yourself again. Not sure what the root cause means? It means the starting point from which your current symptoms arose from. Rather than only treating your symptoms as if you were using a Band-Aid (e.g. some prescription drugs), we are committed to discovering the missing puzzle piece that is causing the imbalance within your body. By taking a thorough history, performing multiple physical exams, reviewing your most recent lab results or potentially ordering bloodwork, we are able to pinpoint the root cause.  You will be treated using non-invasive methods that don’t include surgery or expensive medications. We work to restore your well-being by allowing your body to heal itself with the right help from our health experts.

What makes us different

The premise of Futra Health and Spine is to “educate first and treat second.” We want the patient to understand their own health issues and appropriate treatments so they are self-reliant rather than being reliant on any health care provider. The goal is for you to no longer need our help because you will have the tools and education to continue living a healthy lifestyle.

About Me

Dr. Zimmerman is a board certified chiropractor who practices chiropractic, functional medicine, and spinal rehab

Working Hours

Currently only by appointment


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